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About Blue Sun Africa

Privately held Blue Sun Africa Ltd continues with its foundation in place – a strong commitment to the customer.
We have set ourselves apart from the competition by listening to customers and delivering high level customer satisfaction. The company’s upward growth curve is escalating and forecasting a substantial increase.
Blue Sun Africa Ltd serves for both corporate and individual clients in both local and cross-border markets.

We offer consultancy services, partner with you in trade agency, we your project management partner and we are your creative agency.

Our mission

To work with you in order to make sure your product or service is represented with the most compelling and eyeball-grabbing product possible.

Our vision
To set the excellence and efficiency cord through quality and timely delivery of services to all our partners.
Our values

We are reliable, dependable, accountable, respectful and ethical with all our
stakeholders internally and externally.

Our Services

creative agency

creative strategy | digital | publishing | print

Blue Sun Africa Ltd is your one-stop shop for all your bespoke creative needs.
We work with our clients to identify goals, and together we journey with them to match their desires and cross-platform tactics to accomplish them. We work within budget and deliver before deadlines.
We specialise in digital, print, interactive design/development, brand development and the final product.
We can also help you enter new markets with designs tailored to specific regions and businesses. We provide the best solutions within reach to fit your budget. We also guarantee your project’s success with our solutions that will meet your budgets and desired outcome.

project management

digital | edtech| conferences | events

A project has a beginning, middle, and an end (the deliverable). In most cases there is ongoing processes—complex or simple—that will repeat forever, but well managed by Blue Sun Africa, it is a seamless process.

There are three basic components to every project: scope (what is the deliverable going to be?), time (how long is there to complete it?), and resources (what are the available personnel, money, and other materials?). At the front end of each project each of these categories must be clearly identified. Otherwise, if not, you’ll end up with a project creep: a project that slides further and further out of whack in all areas until one non-sunny day you wake up and wonder how in the world you got here from where you started.

We are a team of specialist with multifaceted experiences and we will define your project/deliverable from the get go.

trade agent

supplier | vendor management | tailored solutions

Blue Sun Africa Ltd is a multidisciplined in a merchant trader, procurement and supply company with global standards. We trade a broad spectrum of commodities with the local, regional and global leading suppliers.
Our experience team of professionals works with the client to tailor solutions to meet their specific requirements while also ensuring products and goods best match their business cycle.
We take pride in clients in diverse industries profitable success.
We have met all required legal requirements and we certified to provide the various services.


strategic partnerships | edtech| executive sounding board

With over 15+ years of experience in the publishing, development and education sector, we offer a wide range of tailored services to support the growth of your company.
 We fine-tune existing digital capabilities including assessing the digital health in light of the latest edTech innovations and solutions at each stage of the life cycle of the product or service.
 We help identify the barriers and drivers to successful adoption of the edTech product or service We work with our clients to evaluate existing and potential competitive environments and jointly establish to best solution for the use of technology according to best practices in each education subsegment. We also can assess barriers to edTech adoption and ways to overcome them. 

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